Building Information Modeling Best Practices

for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

On August 30th, Quanam held BIM Best Practices event for public sector organizations, with the objective of presenting the implementation methodology of Building Information Modeling for design and construction projects, and operations and maintenance stages. During the break the attendees had the opportunity to live a virtual reality experience in a building developed with BIM.

This technology centralizes in a single model all the information connected with a project, improving the efficiency of information management and therefore, achieving high levels of savings in terms of time and costs.

Quanam has a strategic alliance for BIM business line with Turcatti Structural Engineering & BIM Consulting. Engineer Martin Turcatti, Director of the company, together with Architecture Nicole Halm, Director of Quanam Bim Area, presented real cases accompanied by brief theoretical concepts, demonstrating how crucial BIM methodology has become, and showing organizations how to carry out the new methodology successfully.

In addition, Quanam is a technological partner of Autodesk, a company dedicated to 2D and 3D design software, represented by Architect Ivana Kerme, a Technical Sales Specialist of Autodesk LATAM, who compared the different situations of BIM in the region, and shared case studies of Chile and Argentina. 

Quanam's Consulting and Implementation area of Building Information Modeling for Architecture, Engineering and Construction offers BIM implementation services designed according to the needs of each organization.