A new age of understanding

A new age has begun where machines and applications are harnessed with human intelligence making the most of new resources and solutions. The boundaries between what is possible and what is not  are now blurred.

Always based on the best business practices and with a view to the future, Quanam, IBM Premier Business Partner, has been preparing our intellectual capital to provide our customers with technological solutions based on artificial intelligence and automated learning, supported by a structured ecosystem built as a result of interacting with a wide range of businesses of several sectors of the economy such as health, finance, entertaining, manufacturing, retail, among others.

At Quanam we have foreseen and been on the cutting edge of market trends by offering big data solutions and business analytics. We invest in specialization and our collaborators’ development. Recently, Neil Canettieri and Valdir Jacintho, Business Managers of Quanam Brazil, have been certified by IBM Selling Watson Explorer Sales Professional v1 e IBM SPSS Modeler Sales Professional v1. These qualifications are of utmost importance for their professional development since having understood what the new technological advances are; they are better equiped to advice customers on new offers which are increasingly more suitable for their strategies.

It is for us, a further step into the future, relentlessly innovating, facing challenges, overcoming barriers, always heading towards the development of new technologies in order to enhance the evolution of a more intelligent world.