Da Vinci Innovation Room


Quanam, a knowledge and innovation company opens our innovation room to develop the whole of our creative potential, focusing on innovation both for clients and for our own company.

Quanam’s clients’ are constantly after organizational changes, seeking to improve their return, efficiency and competitiveness. In many cases, innovation is the result of an initiative of Quanam’s put into black and white on a suggested solution, or while collaborating with a client during the execution of our professional services.

Innovation is in Quanam’s DNA, as a result of the implementation of several instruments such as:

  • Contest of ideas
  • Design Thinking workshops
  • Hackathon on any ecosystems we are working on

Along these lines, and with a view to fostering creation and generating new ideas, this room has been remodeled. An internal contest was made to come up with names and finally, Partners and Directors cast their vote. "Da Vinci" Innovation Room was the result, honoring Leonardo Da Vinci, the renaissance genius who innovated in several areas of knowledge.

Resorting to the capabilities and expertise obtained during a trajectory of almost 40 years, Quanam is able to offer several lines of service which contribute to innovation, improve competitiveness and efficiency of our clients. Needless to say, this wealth of knowledge is available to all our clients’ projects.