Young Entrepreneurs 2017

For several years, Quanam has collaborated with DESEM Young  Entrepreneurs, a non-profit organization, which has been in Uruguay since 1991 promoting and fostering  entrepreneurship among children and the young.

The foundation's programs consist in hands-on projects where participants learn how to take on responsibility and are trained on corporate issues. Work team and development are fostered from the very beginning.

Currently, Quanam is taking part in the "Young Company Program", aimed at young people aged between 15 and 17, attending public and private educational centers, throughout the country. Each Young Company is created and managed by a group of 15 to 25 adolescents who during 17 weeks of intense work, set their own objectives, choose a service or product to produce and complete the entire cycle comprising: creation, administration, production and liquidation of a real company. 

Quanam sponsors Colegio Elbio Fernández’ team. Corporate volunteers transmit their experience and knowledge about the business real world to guide them throughout the process of setting up the company.

*Photo taken by DESEM