Digital Resilience Event

an opportunity to reduce costs

Quanam offered a breakfast meeting to talk about Digital Resilience, a need that has become an opportunity to reduce costs, by Graciela Ricci, director of the new IT Value and Management unit.

Recently, there have been several disruptive changes in the Financial Sector, which make now more than ever before; Institutions have adequate Operational Continuity Solutions as well as Risk Management, Compliance and Reporting practices. However, these practices are still considered in isolation and reactively. Therefore, their value for money and ROI has not yet been perceived.

During the meeting, these issues were analyzed with an integrated approach, showing their prevention and responsiveness benefits when business continuity is planned, and as a basis for achieving Digital and Corporate Resilience. These two concepts were analyzed in the light of the latest trends.

As to Corporate Resilience, several institutions of the Sector have not fully taken advantage from the potential of these emerging technologies. Therefore, Quanam has made available to our clients a group of professionals who are experts in Design Thinking Technology's device, to trigger innovation in the Financial Industry.

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