GRP and Proceedings on-line

the Digital State Improves Processes

Last May 3rd, Quanam held an event on GRP and Proceedings on-line: Improving processes in the Digital State, at the Hotel NH. There were more than 80 participants, including customers of important organizations and institutions in the public sector. GRP is an integrated management tool that covers all of the administrative functions.

Quanam has built an Open Source GRP (Government Resource Planning) as a result of the implementation of projects in several agencies, and our expertise in worldclass ERP implementations. 

Further on, Q-workflow solution was introduced, a tool which models, executes and monitors processes, which stems from the need to strengthen GRP’s vision of processes, in order to bridge the BPM (Business Process Management) operation gap. 

Quanam has extensive experience in business process solutions’ implementation, some of which have been for State organizations. In 2016 we participated in the Proceedings On-line program  of the Agency of Electronic Government and Information and Knowledge Society (AGESIC /Spanish acronym).

The National Director of Cadastre, Ec. Sylvia Amado, along with A/P Ricardo Schreiber and Alberto Di Leoni, commented on the project of Cadastre Electronic Headquarters , the first of its kind in Latin America. The electronic headquarters is a virtual office made available to citizens to perform procedures, consultations, and download data bases and information on-line. This is part of a national strategy for digital transformation conducted by the Government, focused on the modernization of services, transparency and citizens’ accessibility.

During the event, Jose Nordmann, Managing Partner of Quanam Brazil, commented on the Budget, Accounting and Financial Project, currently being developed at the Ministry of Finance, in the State of Paraná, Brazil. The project is of great magnitude and Oracle technology is used: ERP JDEdwards and Oracle Hyperion Planning. 

The event was closed by Graciela Ricci, former partner of PWC, current Director of the IT Value and Managing Unit of Quanam, who highlighted the objectives and benefits of implementing a management tool and how to maximize the value obtained.

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