Major Conference by Quanam, Idatha and CPA Ferrere

was held in Paraguay

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A conference on Applied Analytical Intelligence was held in Paraguay, organized by Quanam Idatha and CPA Ferrere.

The event took place at Hotel La Misión in Asunción, Paraguay, on April 15th and was attended by more than 80 people. The lecturers were Agustina Sanguinetti and Alfonso Capurro, managers of  Analytics Intelligence of CPA Ferrere, Sebastian Garcia, partner of Idatha and Marcelo Armendariz, project manager of Quanam Business Analytics.

Applied analytical intelligence means transforming data and social networks into competitive advantages for your business. In an increasingly competitive and challenging business context, companies require solutions to improve commercial, operational and risk management. Marcelo Armendariz emphasized that the major challenge companies face today is the integration of scattered information. He also presented different solutions aimed at optimizing the budgeting process, moving towards efficiency and monitoring improvement.

Case studies of companies from several areas were shown such as public sector institutions, financial, retail, telecommunications and health businesses that had used Business Analytics techniques, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing for segmenting, and creating a loyal and profitable customer portfolio. Also, illustrating how to move towards more efficient operational processes, optimize risk management and turn social networks into a source of information for business management.

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