New administrative and production management system

Quanam Brazil

Quanam Brazil was selected to replace the old I.T. system and implement Oracle JD Edwards ERP in Ester Power Plant. Their aim is to improve its management model further, focusing on people, processes and results.

Named Milky Way by the customers themselves, the project contemplates the connection of several systems to provide a macro vision, filtering according to details, integrations, movements and operations. The name Milky Way applied to Ester Power Plant represents a parallel of two huge living organisms with several interconnected systems which move and  connect among themselves with the light of stars (in this case the metaphor would apply to the people responsible for the project’s success).

ERP ORACLE JD Edwards integrates all the operational and administrative functions of the company, including in its scope areas such as Purchase, Storage, Sales, Invoicing, Accountancy, Finance, Quality, Production and Industrial Maintenance. Quanam’s team of specialists began working last July and the project will take until 2019, when the tool’s benefits will have consolidated with better results and making quicker decisions for Ester Power Plant.