Prize awarded to José Nordmann

Excellence and Quality Brazil 2017

This recognition was given by Brasilider for Quality and Excellence to grand leading firms in Brazil.

José Nordmann, Partner and Director General of Quanam Brazil received the 2017 Prize for Excellence and Quality, in the category Best Professional of the Year, promoted by the Brazilian Association of Leadership, BRASILIDER. The prize giving ceremony was at the Sirio Sports Club in San Pablo, last November 21st. This is a renowned event in cultural, political, scientific and corporate circles, also attended by national authorities. The prizes awarded were: the Medal of Honor to Merit, the Trophy of Excellency and Quality, and the Plate of the Outstanding Best of the Year.

Brasilider’s aim is to annually reward people who have stood out from the rest, and whose main objectives have been focused on fostering quality, encouraging recognition and motivation. Ultimately, they are seeking every company to keep working on quality, intensifying actions with practices leading to excellence.

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The election of winners is made by their own auditors, who do research and validate information on selected companies, entities and personalities. This information is taken from all the innovative actions in the market where they are, among other criteria applied to the selection. As a result, index numbers of excellence are created in multiple areas.

The award we have received is an honor which fosters not only professionals but the whole company, in order to find quality and excellence practices in all the sectors of the community, with a view to building a more ethical, strong, and competitive country.

More information: Braslider