Quanam connecting people and sharing knowledge

Quanam keeps persevering on constant innovation and sharing knowledge by means of our most valuable asset: our intellectual capital. Quanam Brazil held its first Q-Learning, an open and monthly webinar, free of charge, for anyone interested in exploring and asking questions on IBMi2 solution.

The first time, it was held on October 26th and dealt with "The Evolution of IBMi2 Analyst´s Notebook 9.0.0 and its new functionalities."  The session was prepared by a highly qualified team of Quanam, who offered explanations about the solution’s application, functionalities and the improvements made to the new 9.0.0 version. Also, a virtual space was open to integration and cooperation where participants’ questions and queries were asked and answered.  The session was recorded and is available on Quanam’s channel: https://youtu.be/phQTaSoETa4 

There will be a second Q-Learning session on November 11 at 12 (Brasilia time) on analysis diffusion by means of IBM i2 Analyst Notebook. Their possibilities, and step by step procedures will be shown, as well as how users obtain better analysis results and consequently, add more value and competitiveness in their field of action.

Quanam believes the best way to cooperate with the future is to be permanently innovating, sharing specialized knowledge with high value added and helping customers improve their business.