Quanam Brazil acquires Expert category in Security Operations & Response Competency


Quanam Brazil, together with IBM’s support and all of its intellectual capital have been continuously working on finding the best cognitive solutions to fight crime and fraud, both at the public sector (Police, Army, Ministry of Defense, Government Department, among others) and at the private sector for private companies (Banks, Insurance Companies, Financial Sector Brokers, Services and Health Operators), who need to follow world standards of compliance to guarantee successful internal processes. 

Quanam’s current and most recent challenge, during the last few years, has been to prevent and detect crime and fraud, and to join efforts to beat them by means of an intelligent, integrated and automated platform.

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The effort was crowned with IBM’s major recognition for competence in Security and Intelligence bestowed on Quanam Brazil: Expert Security Operations and Response.

This reward offers not only the guarantees to help clients meet the best results with the most rapid responses and automate the most common events, but to reiterate Quanam’s commitment to keep innovating against threats in progress, during the whole life cycle of the attack, by investigating and prioritizing vulnerability, and providing immediate and full response to risk indicators. 

Expert Security Operations and Response
Authorized Channel Value Rewards: Advanced Analytics, Customer Analytics, Enterprise Content Management, Financial & Operational Performance Management, IBM XaaS – Entry,  Information Integration & Governance, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Safer Planet, Sales Performance Management, Security.