Quanam collaborates with Impulso High School

Impulso Foundation

Quanam collaborates with Impulso High School by granting a large sum of money, for the third running year, as the other member companies  of  Impulso Foundation that finance and support the High School.

The Foundation is the result of the creation of a group of friends  who wanted to develop a free, privately run, basic cycle education institute located in a critical context neighborhood, and help bridge the learning gap. Their  aim is to stimulate the development of students by promoting personal fulfillment by instructing good education and instilling  values.

The High School was built in seven months, with the support of private companies and opened its doors in 2013. Its quota is 100 students per year and registration is done by lot before a public notary.

Quanam takes pride in supporting the development of Impulso High-School, for it is a way to contribute to improve the education of our country’s adolescents. 

*Photo of Impulso High School