Quanam receives Data Hero European Prize


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Quanam was first in the Data Scientist category, for the project made together with Genlives, and rewarded by Hortonworks in Germany.

Since 2016, Quanam is a partner of Hortonworks, a leader provider of Big Data platforms, specialized in the creation, distribution and support of modern data applications based on open code in all its components.

Hortonworks makes an annual contest to recognize which clients have generated real business value, each winner is an example of important achievements and significant results which have been met by using the platform. The jury in charge of the selection was formed by a group of experts in the sector, among which there was Bernard Marr and Philip Carnelley.

The winning solution is an associative project with Genlives, a Company which offers genomic studies, an assistance tool for clinic classification of genomic variances with the objective of accelerating the diagnostic process and the causes of genetic diseases by using Big Data and processing Natural Language. Medical Practice is brought closer to NGS: Next Generation Sequencing in the clinical context.

The idea of the project is owed to the center of Information and Communication Technologies for Verticals (ICT4V) and its implementation was supported by the National Agency of Research and Innovation (ANII).

Engineer Fernando López, a specialist in Big Data, and project leader on behalf of Quanam, received the price Luminaries Dinner of Hortonworks, an event of Data Works Summit 2018, in Berlin. 

Quanam is grateful to Hortonworks for this recognition which fosters innovation and will keep working along these lines.

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