Spending some time with IBM SPSS

exclusive breakfast meeting

“Spending some time with SPSS” was an exclusive breakfast meeting organized by Quanam, on november 23rd. There were more than 20 guests – technitians, analysts, teachers, users – representing public and private Uruguayan organizations.

Consultant Ivete de Barros, Ms Statistics, made a presentation showing how some functionalities of worldwide renown IBM-SPSS software statistic modules had been applied to real cases (customized tables, decision tree, preparation of data).

Software new features as of version 23 were introduced, such as analysis techniques including geospatial association rules, temporal causal models, categorical principal component analysis and importation of Excell or CSV files.

This is only the first of a series of breakfasts whose aim will be to become deeply acquainted with the functionalities of this tool. Moreover, it is during these event that we can directly identify the difficulties derived from handling huge volumes of data, and share Quanam’s experience gained from accomplished projects, while seizing the opportunity to  tailor the knowledge we have acquired to the specific needs of organizations. 

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