Analytics & Machine Learning

Quanam realizó una nueva edición del evento anual de Business Analytics en Kibón Avanza, Analytics & Machine Learning, con la presencia de 170 personas de organizaciones del sector público y privado. Se presentaron las principales novedades del área y temas relacionados con Machine Learning, Big Data e Inteligencia Artificial.

Training in Building Information Modelling

The National Corporation for Development (CND) selected Quanam to train 25 clients in BIM.   Among the main objectives are the benefits and improvement that organizations can obtain from the new working methodology, in their current internal processes. BIM  execution plan is based on a specific implantation methodology, so as to manage the process of change.

Víctor Ganón is awarded

During the opening ceremony of the Professional Updating Informatics Conference (JIAP 2018), Eng. Víctor Ganón, a founding partner of Quanam, was recognized by the Association of Computer Scientists of Uruguay, for his contributions in information and communication technologies.

Quanam joins Jacarandá Project

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, the Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technology (Cuti) and ANTEL, have presented Jacarandá Project, a program that provides technological companies the possibility to have access to resources and services, with the objective of promoting development and skilled employment in the provinces.

Quanam receives Data Hero European Prize

Quanam was first in the Data Scientist category, for the project made together with Genlives, and rewarded by Hortonworks in Germany.

Da Vinci Innovation room

Quanam, a knowledge and innovation company opens our innovation room to develop the whole of our creative potential, focusing on innovation both for clients and for our own company.

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